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Niggemeyer Bildproduktion Bochum

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Baroque Palace, Mannheim

Baroque scaffolding cladding

Mannheim Baroque Palace is once again under construction. With the upcoming renovation of the eastern wing of the palace, the State Department for Palaces and Gardens saw an opportunity to take advantage of the construction scaffolding around the palace facades to create a temporary “eye-catcher”. The idea is to use these massive surfaces as advertising space for palace tours. A huge banner measuring 17 x 20 metres now displays a couple of baroque figures beckoning towards the path to the palace museum. An even larger banner spanning 32 x 14 metres that depicts a lady dressed in a baroque costume with an elaborate hairstyle is also intended to pique the curiosity of any passers-by who might be interested in visiting Mannheim Baroque Palace.

Only a few specialist companies have the capacity to produce banners with these dimensions, which is why Niggemeyer Bildproduktion was commissioned to execute the project. One of the challenges of the enormous scale was to ensure that all structures are secured against the wind. To do this, a separate frame was built around each banner, and the scaffolding was reinforced.

Both banners will remain on display at Mannheim Baroque Palace until the scaffolding is dismantled, which is currently expected to be in September 2018.  

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