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It doesn’t always have to be advertising. Following this idea, BMW AG commissioned us with cladding the facade of the company’s parking garage.

This was prompted by the necessary extensive renovation work on Dostlerstrasse parking garage built in the early 70s. The listed building is located directly adjacent to the Four-Cylinder Building, the headquarters of the car manufacturer from Munich.

The project encompassed preparing the print data for replicating the facade, producing the megaprint, erecting a supporting structure and installing the print. The reproduced facade spanned a surface area of approximately 9,000 x 1,500 cm.

The supporting structure was created using a traverse system mounted to the existing steel frame. The large-format print was produced on a mesh cover and secured in place using transparent rear lashings and grommets. During installation, the print was folded over to the rear and tautened to create a frameless look. Barely visible zip fasteners were also stitched into the material to combine the individual sections of the megaprint.

The Vertical Vision team once again demonstrated their experience and competence in giant posters and we are already looking forward to future monumental projects.

PPS. Imaging services for this project