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PPS. Cologne

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Castle tower, Dusseldorf

Tower covered in magenta

On 20 July 2016, the tower of the historical castle tower in Dusseldorf was radiating with an eye-catching magenta with the help of vertical vision, so the advertising message could already be seen from a far distance.

During the renovations, the tower served exceptionally as a giant advertising surface. Since the proceeds from the medium will go directly towards the restorations, the advertising was not only intended as an attention-grabber but was also helpful in contributing to the preservation of the historic building.

The 1350 m² net vinyl (B1-certified) was attached to the tower by our 6-man installation team. To protect the printed material from rough scaffolding and pipe work, additional wooden planks were placed vertically between the levels of the scaffolding; these also contributed to the desired effect. Although the final dimensions have not been shared at first and there were subsequent last-minute changes in design, the project was accomplished close to schedule and with no issues.

The campaign was accompanied by more than 8000 mega-lights in 86 cities as well as giant posters at the airports in Cologne/Bonn and Berlin Tegel. The many advertising efforts by Out-of-Home could be seen until the beginning of August.

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