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City Train livery, Munich

Making journeys brighter in Bavaria's capital city

In March 2015, PPS. Imaging was responsible for the all-over livery of three of Munich's city trains, the first time in 15 years that this had been accomplished.

The 66 m long trains were given all-over livery with 540m² of self-adhesive film. They were protected from graffiti by a special coating developed specifically for vehicle and public transport advertising. Production time, including application, was three weeks. The success of this project for client Seebauer has led to a further commission for all-over city train livery from fashion label Twin-Set, which is set to roll out in September.

Munich is well known for the rigorous policing of its cityscape. New advertising sites are approved only rarely. So we're especially pleased that we were able to be involved in providing the livery for the city's public transport network and in bringing a splash of colour to its trains.

PPS. Imaging services for this project