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Visual upgrade for Deutsche Bahn

In November, 2013 PPS. Imaging took care of the visual rearrangement in the Alpha Rotex Komlex in Frankfurt am Main. By laminating glass walls and installing decorative wallpapers, we were able to create some new optical attractions in the office block of Deutsche Bahn AG.

One major peculiarity in this project has been the installation of the plotted glass decoration film on both sides of the office glasswalls, whereby the fitting accuracy had to be taking care of. According to the costumers design specification, the 1,280 m² foil had been adjusted, printed on and also mounted by PPS. Imaging.

Furthermore the office walls are now covered in a 450 m² wallpaper. The delicate, high-quality grey scale prints on the foils and wallpaper are now creating a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the new premises of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

Within a very small time frame, PPS. Imaging made it possible to produce and install the wallpaper and the glass decoration film, just perfectly as well as the emblem of ‘Deutsche Bahn’, made out of 3D-letters.

A very nice eye catcher and such a great visual upgrade for the employees of the Deutsche Bahn AG.

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