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Decathlon Bike, Germany-wide

The mountain calls

Nature up close: On 30th March 2017, the Display & Packaging department of PPS. Imaging GmbH distinguished itself once again by making the individual wishes of Decathlon Sportspezialvertriebs GmbH come true. In just a few days, a vibrant mountain landscape was created that actively set the scene for the sporting goods manufacturer’s new downhill bike.

PPS. tailored the multi-part model made from corrugated board especially for the customer, thereby creating a unique 3D-effect display. Supports attached to the rear wall ensured the stability of the printed model. PPS. drew the focus to the bike set on a pedestal by incorporating two mountains, simulating an ascent in mountainous terrain.

By realising this dynamic project (spanning 3000 x 2000 x 1000 mm), PPS. Imaging brought the mountains a whole lot closer to the Decathlon branches. 

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