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Galeria Kaufhof, germany-wide


As winter sets in, all the shopping streets and shops are beginning to display Christmas decorations. And 97 branches of the German department store chain Galeria Kaufhof are no different, glowing in festive cheer.

PPS. Imaging produced high-quality, stand-up displays for Galeria Kaufhof’s campaign ‘Von Herz zu Herz - gemeinsam ein Fest’ (From heart to heart – an occasion together). The materials used include PETG, Kapa Plast, Kapa Line, hard foam and Falconboard. The bespoke special supports posed a particular challenge. In order to guarantee continuous stability, we installed them depending on the motif and format. The supports are made from the materials PETG and Kapa Plast.

The 4,000 individual products were given a new design by means of direct UV printing to match this year’s campaign. We divided production among two locations. In Cologne, the PETG was back-printed in 4/0 colour and white. Printing for the other materials was handled by our location in Berlin.

Over a period of five weeks, PPS. Imaging created Christmas decorations for the branches of Galeria Kaufhof that are sure to be remembered.