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From 16 March to 30 December 2018, Gasometer Oberhausen presents the spectacular new exhibition "The Call of the Mountains". This exhibition shows the diversity of mountains and describes the fascination these imposing environments hold over humans, giving the visitor a chance to participate in the legendary first ascent of the Earth's most famous peak.

A highlight of the exhibition in the 100 metre high air space of the Gasometer is a monumental replica of the Matterhorn, which floats upside down in the massive space and is reflected on the floor of the top level of the Gasometer.

Since December 2017, PPS. Cologne has produced close to 170 pieces of 4 mm Alu-Dibond print boards both sides laminated with high gloss finish that are now suspended mid-air in the rooms. The panel boards were produced in a special batch and are therefore furniture quality. Oversize panorama images were also prepared in massive format at 170x520cm and finished with a protective glossy laminate.  

To meet the challenging requirements of our long-time client Gasometer, we produced and laminated the pieces during night shifts to keep the work as dust-free as possible. Some images were only delivered to the client a few weeks later and therefore had to be stored in our production facility, which required us to create extra storage space. To ensure the high quality of the product, packaging and logistics were of course also taken care of professionally and we organised specially insured shipping.

In the end, it all paid off – thanks to the outstanding teamwork at our Cologne facility, the job was a huge success and the client was completely satisfied.