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Giant Samsung poster, Berlin

Happy New Gear

New year, new Samsung smartwatch – that was the message delivered in Germany's capital by a spectacular giant poster at the city's Frankfurter Tor.

Created especially for the festive season by PPS. Imaging subsidiary vertical vision, commissioned by media agency AF-FIX, the roughly 4,000giant poster made from a tough front-lit facade also turned heads at night, thanks to 160 HQI spotlights. To secure the 2.8 tonne poster in place, around 900 linear metres of binding, 3,000 eyelets, 5,400m of polyester rope and 40 m of long vertical zips were used. The project was produced in record time and installed in less than 12 hours.

All in all, a great start to the New Year.

PPS. Imaging services for this project