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PPS. Dresden

Ulrich Junghanß

Branch Management Dresden

Hesse State Museum of Art and Nature, Wiesbaden

Jugendstil and art nouveau

As part of a donation of countless exhibits by the family of art collectors Neess to the Hessian Museum Wiesbaden, PPS. was commissioned with the graphical implementation for a permanent exhibition.
In close collaboration with the studio Hähnel Bökens (Berlin/Düsseldorf) as well as AR Projektions & Light-Design GmbH, PPS. transported the visitors to this period and created a breath-taking setting for the exhibition pieces.
The client’s first requirement for PPS. was to manufacture 1300 m² of non-woven wallpaper with a width of 147 cm. PPS. produced the wallpaper by means of latex printing at our site in Dresden. Due to the special width of the material, it was cut to size using a Zünd cutting system. Naturally, the wallpaper is B1-certified and printed with solvent-free inks.
The second requirement was to produce and install 33 LED lightboxes with dimensions 2.4 m x 3.4 m. The lightboxes had to feature a 3D illusion, which we implemented by applying two layers of transparent materials. In addition, they needed to be foldable, serviceable, dimmable and fitted with hinges in the window embrasure. By developing a new lightbox with the company AR Projektions & Light-Design GmbH, all requirements could be met according to the client’s expectations.
A challenge in implementation was presented by the different printing dimensions as well as the different boxes. Moreover, the museum is situated in a historical building with differently sized window sections that made installing the lightboxes more difficult.
A wonderful representation of this period time was created in time for the opening day, which transported the client, project partners and above all many visitors to the Jugendstil era.
We look forward to being able to implement many further projects for Museum Wiesbaden in the future.