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IMEX 2013/ 2014, Frankfurt

Ship ahoy – special maritime project

In May 2014, the company formerly known as druckwerk hamburg GmbH & Co. KG (since 2014 wholly owned by PPS. Imaging Group) once again created an innovative exhibit especially for Meissner Expo GmbH.

druckwerk hamburg was responsible for designing and creating the roughly 5 x 1.8 m high ship using EE flute, and for making sure it was ready for transportation and installation. Made of fire-resistant material with B1 fire protection classification, it was hung from the ceiling of the exhibition hall for IMEX 2013 and 2014 in Frankfurt and given an atmospheric lighting treatment. Proving to be a focal point of the entire event, the gently swaying ship captivated clients and visitors alike. By creating such a unique project, the PPS. Imaging Group team once again demonstrated their ability to come up with flexible, original and expertly implemented designs for major exhibitions and events. 

PPS. Imaging services for this project