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Paper Trade Fair Booth, Germany-wide

Paper Café

On the 4th of January 2017, the time had finally come: The trade fair booth by VONDERHEIDE COMMUNICATION commissioned for the Gutsch publishing house had its debut at the TrendSet fair in Munich. The booth was subsequently put into action at the Nordstil exhibition in Hamburg as well as Paperworld, the world renowned specialist exhibition in Frankfurt.

This project was special in that the specifications that were atypical yet distinctive for the agency: a complete booth display made of paper.

Gutsch Verlag markets over 20 different postcard series and presents this range in the Paper Café with plenty of room for associations. Visitors to the fair were able to identify with the paper material and the Café world, thus establishing a direct relationship with the product.

The booth was used at three fairs, each with very different layouts. Removable and exchangeable panels ensure that the booth can be expanded or scaled down and adapted for customised use at future events as well.

The wooden frame for the 4-metre back and side walls of the booth were covered with re-board panels to give the entire stand a look of paper construction. It was extremely important to the client that no plastic was used in the supporting structure.

The booth was fit with 165 sqm sheet prints from PPS. Imaging that were coated on both sides with B1 certified laminate to help protect the surfaces. The edges were also sealed with B1 lacquer.

In addition to the countertops, the highlight of the paper imaging was the central column with a recessed monitor. Both elements were constructed using wood covered with re-board panels to blend in perfectly with the atmosphere of the rest of the display.

Naturally, there was also an area for greeting interested customers; this space included chairs and two bar tables, as well as two corner benches to provide a comfortable area for conversation. In addition, there were two coffee tables that, like the other furniture, were made with cardboard.  The tabletops were made from panes of acrylic.

The consistent use of special materials made it possible for the Display & Packaging department of PPS., in cooperation with MEHRBLICK Projektgesellschaft mbH and the creative communication agency VONDERHEIDE COMMUNICATION, to highlight the products with strong brand emphasis. The end customer received positive responses from market participants and customers alike – it was a trade fair booth that garnered attention and left an impression.