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PPS. Conference Room, Berlin

Barrels Up!

Our conference room in Berlin now boasts a new look! The product developers from Display & Packaging joined the Graphics Department to give their creativity full reign and create an impressive interior. 

The conference room is often used for interviews and other meetings, but it had always exuded a rather cold ambience. The idea therefore came about to redesign this room and make it more comfortable. Lifelike cardboard barrels were developed in three different sizes and various designs. For instance, the large barrel serves as a high table and the small barrel makes for suitable seating. What is particularly interesting about this project are the wooden staves, which were specially measured for the barrels; constructing the barrel hoops also posed a little challenge. Production and manufacturing went without a hitch thanks to the precise planning work carried out beforehand. However, the room makeover not only involved creating and graphically highlighting the barrels, an existing wallpaper design was also modified for this room, complementing the picture on the wall. Moreover, the flooring was re-laminated to give life to the impression of being in a rustic wine cellar.

We are very proud of this project and look forward to many more meetings in this attractive room. 

PPS. Imaging services for this project