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PPS. Dresden

Ulrich Junghanß

Branch Management Dresden

Roman Museum, Haltern

Triumphal Parade

In ancient Rome, triumphant generals proudly marched through the capital of Rome with their soldiers and celebrated their victories. Rose petals flew in the air and crowds cheered. In 17 A.D., Germanicus similarly orchestrated a mighty triumphal parade for his victory over the Germanic barbarians – a victory that he completely fabricated. This is the topic covered by the special exhibition ‘Triumph without Victory’ from 2nd June to 5th November 2017 in the LWL Roman Museum in Haltern.

In order to showcase the pompous triumphal parade, the spoils of war and the defeated victim at the capital for visitors, the museum called on PPS. Imaging to produce the museum images. The prints and their production were carried out at both our branches in Dresden and Cologne. The project was overseen by the graphic design agency, Atelier Hähnel Bökens.

The museum spaces were fully fitted with our graphics. More than 200m² wallpaper as well as 320m² flooring and window films give exhibition visitors a 360° impression as if they themselves were part of the celebrations. Approximately 500m² fabric hangings of up to an impressive length of 40 metres (material: Artist heavy / Dialight) complete the overall picture.

Once again, the PPS. Imaging Group demonstrated its expertise in supporting museums – what a triumphal project!

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