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Sachsenring, Oberlungwitz

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The legendary racing circuit, the Sachsenring, spans an area of 50 hectares and a racing history of 90 years, making it a real classic in motorsports circles. Its unique combination of driving safety centre and race track has also encompassed an indoor karting track for over 20 years, which has become the venue for countless motorsports events. Once again, PPS. Imaging was entrusted with the task of revitalising the external facade of this top karting course. The 7 motifs made from a mesh material were both printed and professionally fitted by PPS.

However, before the two-person installation team were able to take on the task, the previous motifs stretching 288 m² in total first had to be removed. No problem at all! Within just 8 hours, the old motifs were dismantled and the new print was skilfully mounted to the facade of the kart track according to customer expectations using a welt system – a track record that can be seen for itself!

The facade, which now also displays the logo of PPS. Imaging GmbH, will become the setting for more than 200,000 motorsports fans at events like the annual ADAC GT Masters and the German Motorcycle Grand Prix.

Has this caught your attention? A case film was created for the project in collaboration with the creative agency, Kampagner.
>>View the video here<<

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