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Shop window, Milan/worldwide

All eyes on eyewear

From 27-29 February 2016, the MIDO Milano Eyewear Show showcased the ÖGA and KOALI collections by eyewear producer Marius Morel of France. The new shop window arrangement will be rolled out worldwide.

This project was particularly noteworthy for the special form and size of the displays that had to be designed for the eyewear and that were manufactured from E flute/display board. For the KOALI collection, round displays, printed on both sides, were developed in three different sizes (60 cm, 70 cm and 80 cm). Comprising just two separate parts, the displays were extremely easy to assemble.

The presentation stands for the ÖGA collection were more angular with various side heights (75 cm and 2 x 85 cm) and a trapezoid shelf. Also produced were decorative banners with attachments in 100 x 100 cm and 80 x 180 cm formats and shop-window stickers of clear film with white printing. PPS. not only developed, plotted and printed the displays, but packaged them individually for safe transportation.

The card displays were developed and designed in close partnership with the client. PPS. was involved from the client's original concept through to realisation.

Thanks to the new window display, these eyewear collections have been given a smart and attractive new look.

PPS. Imaging services for this project