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Special Exhibition Etruscans, Karlsruhe

Following the traces of a forgotten people

The Etruscans were one of the greatest civilisations of antiquity – but not much about them is still known today. As part of the special exhibition ‘The Etruscans – World Culture in Ancient Italy’ in the Badisches Landesmuseum, PPS. is bringing new life to the historical traditions of an all-but-forgotten civilisation.

All of the necessary printed materials were produced over a period of two months in total – on time and to the fullest satisfaction of the client.

Large-format textile prints by PPS. Imaging, altogether spanning around 550 m2 in the Karlsruhe museum, created breath-taking 3D effects in the exhibition rooms, sending visitors on an expedition back to the time of ancient northern Italy. Moreover, the museum showcases and walls were fitted with 250 m2 of B1-classified fleece wallpaper. This set the scene perfectly for displaying the rudiments of ancient Etruscan culture. Accurately producing the overarching formats and cutting the individual printed materials posed a particular challenge here.

The spatial concept created by the Hähnel-Bökens Studio for the special exhibition was ideally complemented by the textile prints produced by PPS. on Artistic Heavy and Deco Voile, as well as the array of wallpapers and floor graphics.

Both television broadcasters ZDF and ARD could not miss the opportunity to report on the historical spectacle which opened on 16th December 2017.

Covering a total area of 1,000 m2, visitors to the ancient exhibition found themselves over 2,500 years in the past – a time full of unique artwork and mass migrations. With the support of PPS. Imaging GmbH, the museum was able to bring new life to the historical remains of the ancient Etruscans.