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In June 2017, a spectacular trade fair booth for Fleet Tour Service GmbH was designed in collaboration with Sign-Ware.

More than 20,000 industry professionals visit the Frankfurt am Main consumer goods fair for the home and gifts sector.

The booth covered an impressive total area comprising 800 m².

Particularly worthy of highlight is the rather atypical construction design for the booth. It was made using both curved 2D and 3D sections that were overlaid with interchangeable blockout materials. One challenge involved how to bend the 3D sections to conform to various sizes. However, collaboration with Sign-Ware, our partner of many years, allowed us to overcome this obstacle as well. Another challenge was how to cover the segments with material without the struts standing out from the material and to avoid wrinkles forming on the entire assembly.

The sections were attached to the ceiling to support the curved shape. They do not touch the floor and thus "hovered" in the hall.

In addition to the curved walls, another highlight of the booth is the circular theatre located in the middle. This can be covered with a blockout decorative fabric so that, for example, presentations could carry on without disruption. The outer walls of the theatre consisted of a fabric banner, making them visually consistent with the rest of the ambiance.

The 1100 m² printed fabric and 430 m² blank fabric, made out of opaque Dekotex, banner fabric, Sprinkler gauze, blockout and decorative fabric wowed countless fair visitors and other exhibitors.

PPS. was able to create, deliver and construct the quality LFP design in a record 10 days' time.

The interchangeable nature of the fabric means that the booth can be reused. PPS. focuses on sustainable production processes, which is why the reusable design of the booth was all the more impressive for us.

Positive feedback from customers and exhibition organisers alike has proven that the result achieved its goal: trade fair booth that garnered both attention and will not be forgotten.