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PPS. Dresden

Ulrich Junghanß

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Wartburg, Eisenach

Luther and the Germans

For the Wartburg Foundation in Eisenach, PPS. Imaging GmbH created all the museum graphics used in connection with the special exhibition ‘Luther and the Germans’ at Wartburg, a castle steeped in history and a UNESCO world heritage site since 1999. The production work for this project was completed entirely inhouse.

It involved around 100 m² of textile covers made from A2 fibre glass, which were installed as ceiling hangings in the historical stairway hall. In order to depict life-sized figures from the time of Luther, they were fabricated using dyed acrylic with direct sheet printing and the special colour of white. Moreover, contour-cut stand-up displays were produced using 19 mm light foam. The exhibition offered visitors additional information as hundreds of text displays and wall coverings were printed on wallpaper and fabric. The special feature about this project was that the road leading up to the castle entrance is very narrow and steep, allowing access only to vehicles with all-wheel drive. In the old, listed castle, particular attention also had to be paid to fire safety; this meant that only special materials with an A2 fire-safety rating could be used for the stairwell hangings and displays.

The chief minister for Thuringia and television reporters attended the opening on 3rd May 2017. We are very proud of this impressive project. 

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