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PPS. Berlin

Kay Voigtländer

Senior Account Manager

XXL Bible, Wittenberg

500 Years of Reformation

500 Years of Reformation – Luther’s city of Wittenberg celebrates the major anniversary of the Reformation with cultural events, conferences and exhibitions.

On behalf of NÜSSLI AG, a corporate group for event and exhibition construction, PPS. Imaging created an XXL bible for the anniversary using a full PVC tarpaulin. The temporary ‘eye-catcher’ at Wittenberg main station consisted of an accessible and free-standing gantry. The structure encompassing an area of 17 m x 3 m x 7 m was fitted with a flight of stairs and a lift. The covering consisted of a 1,200-m² full PVC tarpaulin with rear lashings fixed in place with a rope system installed by professional industrial climbers.

The huge banner depicted an oversized bible. In a production time of two weeks, PPS. handled the planning, production, assembly and disassembly. A particular challenge was posed by the strong wind at the time of assembly, however our colleagues were able to overcome this obstacle with ease.

Not only are we very satisfied, but also the customer is happy with the work by PPS. We are pleased to have been able to support the anniversary of the Reformation in this way.