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Grand appearance for great art

The Silk Road which already 115 years before Christ represented the key trade route between the Mediterranean region and Eastern Asia, has been resurrected under the banner of the "Blue Container" project. Where once goods, primarily textiles and silks were transported, today cultural trains in the form of blue containers are moved along this route. Starting in Duisburg, the exhibition makes 27 stops in various cities, offering local artists and interested individuals a platform for cultural exchange.

Six halls were erected at the event site for the impressive opening in Duisburg; each provided a venue where selected artists could display their work to visitors. The exhibition featured the first showing of murals from Dunhuang that are a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. PPS. was contracted to design and create a suitable tent cladding appropriate for the exterior of this tent.

The design concept by PPS. involved a UV printing process to produce prints with a total surface area of more than 1000 metres. The material used was a customisable weather-resistant blockout fabric.

Once the requirements were worked out together with the client, the data segmentation took place and the print was assembled on site in Duisburg. 

The installers needed to work taking into account the character of the individual tent to avoid damaging the constructions. Extreme temperatures that reached 37 degrees in the shade made the work even more challenging. In the end, the client, LOSBERGERDEBOER, was extremely pleased with the quality of the resulting prints. The entire project from assignment of the contract to completed installation took only 10 days.

We are pleased to have been able to support our client with this valuable cultural project and look forward to future work together.