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Industrial Applications

Our division INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS is principally involved in the development of special film and the professional application of film to objects. These Offshore Films are employed in onshore as well as offshore applications.

We combine our know-how in surface preparation (in particular aluminium, steel and fibreglass-reinforced plastics (FRP)) with years of experience in the application of this special film.

PPS. will be at your service from consultancy, project planning, production and project management up to film application - worldwide.

PPS. offers film solutions for the following industrial sectors: Wind power, cruise and transport vessels, drilling platforms, storage tanks, cleanrooms, food technology and as special surface protection applications as well.

Storage tanks

PPS. Offshore Film as an Anti-Corrosion-Coating!

Depending on the degree of soiling or corrosion, surface preparation will consist of pressure washing with high-pressure water followed by coating with one layer of primer.

The PPS. Offshore Film will be applied to the tank shell or roof as the third and final working step.

The details and the exact course of the work are determined following an initial examination by specially trained PPS. project managers on site.

We also offer logos and letterings with our special high-performance film.

Wind power

In the wind power sector we are involved in four major areas of applications:

1. Labelling of the nacelles
We are able to produce any type of logo or lettering as a standard branding or co-branding including application on site. Most of the time we will apply the labelling in a production facility. We also offer onshore or offshore film applications to stock towers in collaboration with certified industrial tower service companies.

2. Repair sets
Our repair sets contain pieces of film in various configurations. It can be used as the easiest way to repair damages on towers or to use it as a top coating. Depending on the clients' wishes, these can be varied in other dimensions. Individual film patches can be easily and effectively applied to an object on site or after transportation. With our repair system the downtime for the improvement work at or on the tower is greatly reduced!

3. PPS. Offshore Film as a top coating around the tower - particular in the flange areas
Existing paint coatings tend to flake particularly in the areas of joints between individual tower elements resulting in corrosion. PPS. Offshore Film counteracts such degradation when applied as a strip around the damaged joint regions. The colours of the film coatings are adjusted to approximate the appearance of the paint on the rest of the tower.

4. PPS. Offshore Film can be applied around bolts in flange joints
After an initial examination by specially trained PPS. project managers on site details and the exact workflow are determined.

Cruise and transport vessels

PPS. provides full-surface coatings as well as logos and letterings for the vessels hull, funnels or superstructures. PPS. Offshore Film can be adjusted to any shape or size. In contrast to conventional paints it is possible to apply the film while the vessels are in a port. This advantage and the immensely strong adhesive power make PPS. Offshore Films unique and distinguishes them from all classical (and highly environmentally unfriendly) paint coating systems.